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Mook Designs
Zphinx delivered scripts which powered the first version of the Atomic Kitten Website in one week!!.

Core Technological Services
We design,develop and advise on technological issues relating to several industries.

We deliver custom implementation of network aware software based on client requirements.

Our software is delivered with an innovative lateral approach, encapsulating object oriented techniques where possible, and relying on more traditonal means otherwise.We have a goal oriented, customer focused approach with effective delivery timelines.

Our core services are listed below:
Software Consultancy
We are capable of turning your vision of your automated organisation, processes and IT scenarios into real functional solutions. We offer consulting services relating to issues on the technologies listed below:
Systems Integration
We offer free systems integration on any software delivered to our clients. The software we build is rigorously tested on compatible systems prior to deployment, which allows for seamless integration with your IT systems.

Informatics Analysis
we can analyse your business model, advise on issues related to software development and provision.We provide an analytical service tailored to support and develop your core business requirements.

Our software audits will enable your organisation to better utilise the technological facilities at it's disposal or purchase time/cost saving and business management software.

P3P Consulting
We offer P3P consulting based on the size of your organisation's websites and internet structures.We help create reference privacy policy files as specified by W3C, by auditing your website user information activities.

We also develop the necessary XML data files necessary to configure user browsers across the web.

If you require a P3P specification for your company's website...

Web Application Development
Since inception, Zphinx Software has focused on developing web-enabled applications, spanning intranets and extranets, using a variety of tools.

Our experience has been focused on multi-platform and scalable enterprise applications, be it on the server or on the client end. We also support several thin clients and browsers to maintain conformity as much as possible.

Software Development
We are able to deliver customised solutions in a cost effective way, based on major standard applications or we can completely tailor new developments to meet your specific business requirements.
Intranet And Internet Development
We are able use web technologies to develop and design internet and intranet infrastructure.We provide enterprise solutions for your corporate network and advice or help develop n-tier enterprise solutions for your systems.

Managed Services
we can provide on going support for software modules after project delivery by offering Service Level Agreements customised to your specific support needs. We will usually provide administrative interfaces for all enterprise software developed for clients.
Technological Overview
We undertake development projects using the following software development languages, methodologies, tools and technologies:
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