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Remote, Web-based PC Monitoring
SpyAnywhere is a powerful remote web-browser based monitoring and administration solution. Now you can remotely spy on - and control - machines from your web browser anywhere! SpyAnywhere offers remo ...
Powerful Spam Elimination and Reporting software
Waste too much time filtering out spam from your inbox?

Want to fight back against the spam that plagues you?
PC History and File Eradication
WebEradicator allows you to use your PC in private without having to worry about others seeing what you have been doing, or reading your sensitive data. WebEradicator can securely erase all your PC h ...
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WinBackup + WinTasks4 + SpeedUpMyPC

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Secure Deletion

WebEradicator can securely eradicate any of the histories below that show what you have been doing on your PC:

  • Internet Explorer and Netscape Histories
  • Internet Cookies
  • Internet Temp Files
  • Browser Favorites
  • Email Message Histories
  • Windows Temp Files
  • Windows Run History
  • Windows Recent Docs History
  • Windows Recycling Bin
  • Windows Clipboard
  • My Documents Folder
  • My Pictures Folder
  • My Videos Folder
  • Many App histories (like Kazaa) via plugins!
  • Any directory specified!
  • Any file specified!



WebEradicator can help improve your PC's performance! WebEradicator can:

  • Speed up PC performance
  • Free up precious hard-drive space
  • Improve your browser performance
  • Schedule WebEradicator to eradicate system degrading files!


WebEradicator can help you cover your tracks, or simply let you use your PC in total privacy

  • Hide all open windows on your desktop instantly
  • Run WebEradicator invisibly
  • Clear private and sensitive files and data

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